Client Love

Sometimes I send clients their wedding galleries and receive a note in return. Below are some unsolicited words of joy I have received from past brides and grooms.



Becky & Jay

Once I regain consciousness I’ll be able to properly tell you how ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE THESE ARE. THANK YOU!!!!!


Casey & Nick

I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I almost can’t believe how amazing these photos came out. You are truly a brilliant photographer – and so lovely to work with. In all honesty, I’ve been to a lot of weddings, I’ve been in a bunch of weddings, I’ve worked with a ton of photographers for events and you are BY FAR the best I’ve ever had experience with. You made everything so easy, you dealt with me, a very stressed out, very cold bride, with ease and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera [I extra thank you for that] and you took some f*#!ing awesome photos. I know I speak for the both of us when I say that we feel so lucky that we had you there to capture our most special moments – we will cherish these photos forever.


Annie & Paul

OH MY GOODNESS. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. !? These are the most ridiculous and amazing pictures I have ever seen. You rocked it out of the park! We are so happy with each and every single piece and cannot wait to share with all our family. Your style is so unique and captivating we just love the detail that went into each shot. You are so incredibly talented and I feel so blessed that I found you.


Sarah & Jeff

We are in awe. The photos are amazing and sincerely capture all the senses we experienced that day, and documented all the details we did not see or get to spend time with. We love the stills of the rooms and venue, we love the amazing candid moments and we love the bridal party and family photos. Your eye for light and color was so evident and mostly we want them all life-size and framed. Thank you for wrangling our herd and making magic happen!


Susan & Jeff

Jesse these pics are outstanding! You are top notch my friend and you have the eye to really capture moments. Thank you so much for being there that day and being patient and kind. We have not been able to stop looking at these photos! Everybody can bring something to this world and you have the power to make people happy. Keep doing what you are doing my friend.


Tara & Paul

“The first thing Paul did was call me and say ‘Great choice, these pictures are freaking awesome.’”


Cassie & Brian

These photos are EVERYTHING to us. Thank you so much. I don’t even have the words to say or know what to do right now, I really don’t. I want to go through each one and tell you my favorite and why. Hahah you probably will hate me soon.

(1 hour later)

I can’t take this anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop looking hahah it’s a problem. Is this NORMAL?!


Lauren & Kenneth

We love these photos even more than we ever anticipated. We spent the whole night looking through them over and over and we are just so happy. It’s hard to convey how grateful we are over email. Thank you for capturing, literally, every happy moment of our day. It is insane and amazing that one person captured all these moments. You’re the best of the best. We truly cannot thank you enough for everything!!


Annie & Kevin

“Holy moly, did you outdo yourself! We simply can’t believe it. For two people who barely know how to take pictures, I am delighted that our taste in photographers is stellar. I don’t know if we can properly convey the appreciation you deserve, but you captured glimpses of our wedding day that we wouldn’t have seen or remembered without your ability to create and find exquisite moments. We’ll have these to share with our families for the rest of our lives, and your talent will tell the story of those few hours.  That’s timeless, and you should be extremely proud. We adore you and thank you again.”


Angelina & Rich

I wanted to thank you for capturing the best and most unforgettable moments from our wedding.  Your work exceeded our expectations especially with the initial weather complications.  I didn’t doubt your talent for a minute, but was still enamored by your ability to make a dreary day look absolutely captivating. Many of our friends and family commented on how uniquely you captured the environment and the emotions in every photo. Beyond your photography, we were extremely impressed with your professional nature, humor and flexibility. Thank you again for helping making our day live forever with us and our family.


John & Anna-Marie

“Thank you SO much, these look truly amazing!! I can’t wait to make an album. You put so much care into our photos and we really can’t thank you enough. It was the best day of our lives, we are happy you were part of it.”


Sarah & Mat

“YES. So much yes. You have done such a wonderful job documenting the story of the day of our elopement. Thank you for your eye for the idiosyncratic detail and your unflappable vibe. Having you be around to capture the day was a pleasure… We can see how it is a pretty tricky role to play with small elopement especially but you play the role so well – flexible, director when you need to be, invisible when the time calls for it. We can’t thank you enough. It has been such a fun time, going through the photos and reliving the day together, but also having the perfect tool to share what it was like for us to elope with our family and friends. Thank you so very very much.”


Jessy & Steve

Jesse – These are INCREDIBLE. I’ve already gone through them 4 times since you sent them haha. Everyone is raving about the photos, I can’t express how much we love them. My dad is a very serious German man, never smiles.  That day he did.  There is a shot of him so animated and full of life while telling a story during cocktail hour.  You captured a moment that all of my siblings want a copy of.  We don’t see that often. Honestly, the same goes for my mom.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days before my wedding, but the photos you captured of her would never tell what she was going through.  They are beautiful and will be treasured forever.  I know this is all way too much information, but your talent and love of photography is something my family will always be grateful for.


Meghan & James

“I keep alternating between hysterical laughing and crying at my desk. These are so great Jesse. You really just NAILED the emotion of the day!!! AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU!”


Barbara & Adam

“I really can’t tell you how absolutely and completely grateful we are to have had you at our wedding! After almost two years of planning, it is heart-breaking how quickly the day itself goes by. Having such amazingly beautiful photographs to look back and remember all of the happy feelings is a real blessing. Thank you–we will cherish these forever!”


Chelsie & Alex

“Holy crap these are amazing. There aren’t even words to describe how beautiful these pictures are and how happy they make me feel every time I look at them. Thank you for capturing these moments, and for simply being our photographer. It’s easy to see how much you enjoy what you do, and it truly shows in your work.”