So You Know

Questions & Answers

Can you describe your style?

I see my style as unique and because of that, I call it “artistic documentary.” On a wedding day, I'm more concerned with real, authentic moments than I am with taking photos of your shoes. I want to tell a story but do it in an up-close-and-personal kind of way. A way that most photographers feel uncomfortable doing. Getting close to and being in moments when they are happening will grab you and pull you into the photo rather than feeling distant and emotionally disconnected. While I’m documenting your one of a kind story, I’m doing it with an artistic touch. I love composing photos in a way that will make you stop, think & feel. All of this circles back to the biggest thing of all; making your photos personal to you. I do all of that without the cheesiness so often found in the wedding industry.

Do you travel for weddings?

I actually travel for most weddings. Some further than others. Being based in New York and just 20 minutes from one of the biggest international hubs in the world, traveling is easy for me. I have photographed multiple weddings in New Zealand, which is about as far as I can travel, so I guarantee wherever you are getting married it is not too far for me. I travel often for domestic weddings as well and shoot all across the country from New York to California. Regardless of where your wedding is located, I’d love to be there.

Will I have to worry or stress about photography on my wedding day?

Absolutely not. Aside from creating amazing images, you enjoying your wedding is the most important thing to me. Because of that, I work with each couple from the time they book me, up until their wedding day. We’ll create the ideal timeline to make the best photos possible. I see this whole process as a team effort, so the more prepared we both are the less you have to think about. With my experience, I pride myself on being the point person all day long making sure we keep on schedule so you can enjoy the greatest day of your life. Oh, and you’re nervous about never being photographed before? Don’t be. The way I work assures that you won’t have to hold awkward poses or forced smiles. You’ll be so focused on each other you won’t even feel I’m there. I can’t wait to show you how easy and fun it will be.

How do you choose what photos I receive and how many will I get?

I shoot for the story and not for a quota. Whatever the number is, your story will be told completely. The personal online gallery I provide to every client allows you to share all of your photos with whomever you like as well as order professional quality prints in just a few clicks. I want to make your life easy after your wedding and your personal online gallery allows me to do exactly that.

Do you use a second photographer?

I shoot roughly 95% of my weddings solo and every single photo you have seen from me, was shot by me. Of course, depending on your wedding and if there is a need for me to be in two locations at once, adding a second photographer is necessary and something I can do. This goes back to us working as a team and figuring out if your unique wedding needs a second photographer. I promise that whatever we decide, your story will be told in its entirety.

You're not traditional, but do you take family photos on my wedding day?

Absolutely. We will figure out specific family groupings well before your wedding so we can capture these efficiently on your wedding day.

Wedding Books

  • DSCF1291
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  • DSCF1296
  • DSCF1310
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  • Wedding books don’t reside on a computer hard drive or DVD collecting dust. They can’t be relegated to the JPEG graveyard. They are out in the open, on your coffee table and encourage you to pick them up. Living in a time where we relive memories virtually, it’s a breath of fresh air to actually hold and touch your photos. No matter how technology changes over the course of a lifetime, a physical book will always be supported.

    I custom design the layout for each and every couple. The photos you choose won’t be the same as any other couple, so I put these books together uniquely. They are one-of-a-kind. There is a range of cover materials, colors and design tweaks to honestly reflect your style. Nothing goes to print without your go-ahead. The two albums you see above are the standard 10×10″ couple album and 6×6″ parent album. I know you’ll love yours.